Mindful Mamas & Papas


Specially designed program for to-be moms & dads.



This is a program designed specifically to meet the need of expectant and new parents in the current climate. It starts where life starts. It is stress-busting and mood-lifting. Those who undertake this program will learn to create a connection with their baby in a unique way and cherish every moment rather than just focusing on the due date. It prepares parents to live here and now. It is a preparation for a journey to Parenthood through learning to regulate own thoughts and emotions. We are looking to prepare Emotionally Intelligent Parents who know how to channel their emotions for their own and their family’s well-being. Duration- This program will run for 9 months and registration is recommended soon after the pregnancy is confirmed. It is highly recommended that both parents join the program although even if one of them is attending we believe with the ripple effect it will affect the entire family.

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The program is divided into 9 Modules which are about developing awareness
1. Food Body
2. Breath Body
3. Mind Body 4. Wisdom Body
5. Bliss Body
6. Interconnectedness
7. Creating Peace
8. Love
9. Oneness