Mindful Living(6 Weeks)


Awaken self & reduce suffering from own thoughts.



Aim of the Course: To awaken the self and reduce suffering from own thoughts and achieve greater fulfillment in life with the practice of mindfulness. “Mindfulness” was one of the eightfold paths shown by Buddhism, a way of living that comes from Vedic and Yogic meditation and involves the ability to focus on the present moment. Traditionally Mindfulness is simply self-awareness and secular practice. We will also explore Mindfulness according to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. Recently there have been lots of research studies that indicate “Mindfulness” has a significant impact not only on our feelings of happiness and well-being but also on the wiring of the brain itself. This Online training offers participants the to learn and experience how to befriend their breath and cultivate the practice of mindfulness and realize “My Mind My Friend” Psychological well-being and mental health are more important than ever in the post-COVID world, the experience of social isolation and loneliness and the impacts on physical health with added stress and anxiety is an opportunity to practice awareness and presence…

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– The practice of Mindfulness enables us to understand our own thought processes and how they lead to action.
– It enables us to respond to situations than reacting to them thus reducing stress.
– It reduces stress and anxiety & enhances peace, clarity, and focus in the mind.
– It improves the general sense of well-being.
– It improves productivity at work.
– Researchers have linked the practice of mindfulness with better physical and mental health.
– It transforms your way of being & helps attain a higher level of consciousness.
– Society and humanity in general benefit from more and more people practicing mindfulness.


6 Weeks Online every Sunday starting from 16 January 2022, 9 AM to 10:30 AM, Finishing on 20 February 2022
Week 1 Understanding the Mind and Know the Difference between Mindful and Mind full, Learn to Meditate
Week 2 What are thoughts and where do they come from?
Week 3 Incorporating Mindfulness in daily life activities
Week 4 Overcoming Challenges / Obstacles in the Practice of Mindfulness
Week 5 Mindful Meditation, Breath is the Key Week 6 Stress-free Happy, joyful peaceful mind

Who Can Attend

Anyone with an interest in living a peaceful, meaningful life is invited to attend this course.