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Mindfulness is turning your attention to the present. This gives a sense of clarity, inner calm and gentle compassion. 


The father of Yoga Patanjali said: “Sthira Sukham Asanam meaning a posture where you are delightfully stable. 

Parenting is a Journey of Presence

Preparation starts before pregnancy on a journey to parenthood, while learning to regualte own thoughts and emotions. 

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The Centre is located in the serene countryside of Ireland. Boyne Valley is the most popular tourist attraction. Its proximity to Trim Castle and River Boyne makes it the perfect setting for uniting Mind, Body & soul.

The Centre was established in 2016 to cater for the need for wellness for the community and, soon our work saw exponential growth in International participants during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Centre is well equipped to provide Mindfulness-based stress reduction MBSR eight week course, Mindful Eating, Yoga classes, Meditation and Parenting sessions. The Centre also facilitates Day & weekend retreats.


The founder of the Centre, Aparna Shukla, was born in India. She learnt yoga and meditation from the age of eight. Having spent many years in the Health profession in India and Ireland, she got to see the suffering through diseases and Medical Science is still looking for preventive approaches to health. 

This Centre started as a bridge between ancient wisdom and modern science to provide equal emphasis on both.

Aparna is a certified Mindfulness, MBSR & Yoga Teacher, a qualified Nurse, Midwife with a Masters Degree in Nursing and a yoga practitioner since her childhood. She started practising Raj Yoga in 2012 as a mental exercise and thought management. She subsequently became a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga, Teacher. Then decided to take up a course on "Therapeutic Use of Mindfulness" in 2015 from the Institute of Integrative Counselling and psychotherapy in Ireland. In 2016, Aparna studied Reflective Practice at University College Dublin. Her project was the Mindfulness workshop as she facilitates for INMO Professional Development Centre.

She has completed MBSR Teacher training from Mindful Academy Solterreno from Spain and continues to learn mindfulness with various courses such as " Self Compassion" & "Working Well Mindfully". She has done yoga philosophy teacher training with the Eire Vedanta Society. 

Aparna regularly facilitates Mindfulness & Meditation workshops for the Professional Development Centre of Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation and other Health Service Executive Ireland training programs in many Indian Universities. 

As a Mindfulness teacher, Aparna has trained Nurses, Midwives, HSE staff, INMO staff, Administration staff, IT professionals and Industrial relation officers, Physiotherapists, Health Care Assistants, Elderly care workers, PhD students at University. 

She spoke in many International webinars on Yoga & Mindfulness to support people in their wellness journey.